Creative Meditation

“Meditating is easy, but preparing for meditation is very difficult. We’ll deal more at length with the preparatory aspects of the practice of meditation later on. Now we only wish to emphasize that, against generally held belief, meditating is not only an activity that is easily performed but that is also within anyone reach, regardless of that person’s lifestyle or religious or philosophical persuasion.

Another widely held belief is that meditation’s only goal is spiri¬tual enlightenment, such as was attained by the Buddha. Without excluding the possibility to transcend, and therefore to reach higher states of consciousness, the practice of meditation provides the fol¬lowing results almost immediately:
• Elimination of tensions accumulated in the body.
• Drop in blood pressure.
• Elimination of stress.
• Enhanced learning ability.
• Enhanced creative capacity.

Western scientists who became interested in meditation have performed and published numerous experiments showing that as soon as a person starts to meditate his or her psycho-physiological connection is strengthened, resulting in improved health. This im¬provement soon becomes obvious in a noticeable drop in blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. In many countries experi¬ments have been performed to measure the brain waves of Buddhist monks in meditation, confirming that in the course of the practice of meditation die monks’ alpha-waves measured 8 to 13 Hertz, thus enabling them to reach a state of total relaxation, which seems to be the secret for bodily health. Recent studies have shown that long-experienced meditators are able to not only stop the aging process but reverse it, resulting in a biological age that is impressively younger than their chronological age. Thanks to this research we also know that stress and worrying weaken the immune system and speed up the aging process, which is nothing but the progressive deterioration of our body’s functions. Thus it is easy to infer that by reducing stress our capacity to live many years without the scourge of disease is enhanced, thereby accepting the so-called “senior years” as a happy life stage to be enjoyed.